Thursday, August 18, 2011


This is me wearing shoes at work! Once again, everything is taking longer than I expected, but I'm making progress. I hope to be completely boot free by next week. I'll also be starting physical therapy, with the same person I've been going to for 2.5 years! Even though I'm three months out from surgery, the hard work is just beginning.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Sorry. I don't know where my mind has been for the last month. There's so much for me to say and I just haven't had the motivation to say anything. I will start with my most recent visit to Dr. McGorgeous. He came in with a resident and the first thing I did was apologize for acting so ridiculous last time I was there. He knew I meant that I had threatened to cry about having a cast, but he told the resident, with a completely straight face, that I HIT HIM the last time I was there. LOL. The poor resident didn't know if he was serious or joking, and I played along with him. Good times. Then we took a look at my x-rays. They were beautiful. You cannot see that my leg had been broken. You cannot see that I donated or received a bone graft. It is just a beautiful, normal looking ankle plus two screws. I almost cried from relief. However, I am not out of the woods and I still have a "good 5 months of healing ahead of me". I am allowed to start wearing a shoe at work (more on that in a minute), but I'm still in the boot if I'm going outside for any reason. I'm not allowed to go to yoga yet and I was also given instructions "not to do anything stupid". It's good to have a doctor who gives easy to follow instructions!

So, I'm finishing up my second week back at work now. I'm exhausted and unmotivated. I'm still adjusting and it's really hard. It usually takes me half the amount of time I was off to feel like myself again. So...that will be 4.5 weeks in this case. This was my first week in the shoe. Monday I wore it 4 hours. Tuesday, 6 hours. Wednesday, 8 hours!!! The WHOLE day!!! Thursday, 4 hours. Today, 0 hours. Uh-oh. One step forward, two steps back. In the picture you can see where my heel is and the massive amount of swelling that has shown up in the last two days. My ankle isn't happy about this whole shoe idea. :( So, back to the beginning and I'll start again tomorrow with 2 hours. I'll also begin physical therapy again in a couple weeks and I'm hoping that will help. I'm having some pretty painful nerve issues in addition to the swelling. I think a big part of the problem is being in the boot, but I can't seen to transition into the shoe. Sometimes you just can't win. So I'll try to be patient and remind myself that 3 months of recovery is just the beginning. It seems like a long time, but it's not.