Saturday, April 10, 2010

What I've Learned

I suppose I should post another update. I mean, sitting here with my leg elevated is super time consuming, but I'll do it because I love you. I showered today. For the first time since Tuesday morning. I'm not even the slightest bit ashamed of that. Drugged up me + balancing on one leg + slippery wet shower = DISASTER. So today I was able to cut down on the drug use long enough to get clean. (hahahaha, get it? get "clean"?) I even managed to put on clean clothes (yes, I was in the same shorts and t-shirt from Tuesday). I'm actually really surprised at this recovery. Maybe I've just done this enough times now, but I'm getting REALLY good at this! My leaking, drooping, sagging ziploc bag of ice has been replaced with a refreezable cold pack that velcros in place. The metal folding chair in the shower has been replaced with a homemade bench. The broken garbage can I rested my leg on while I peed has been replaced with the same sturdy bench. These upgrades may seem silly to you, but that's just because you don't have a clue. :) Seriously though, come talk to me when your life involves emailing your immediate family to tell them that you managed to poop after 3 days instead of 11. Oh yeah.......I was pretty proud of that. Prunes, baby. I live a pretty shameless existence. I don't have too many complaints at this point. Yes, I hurt, and my incisions are starting to itch. My hands are sore from the crutches. But honestly, I'm really reluctant to make those complaints. This is much, much easier than what I was expecting. I guess I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop....
Since I'm not in a cast, I'm trying to move my ankle a little bit every day. I can see that my calf has shrunk, but today I was able to move my foot to almost 90 degrees! This is good, because Monday morning I'm going to have to get my ankle into The Boot, and it will need to be at 90 degrees to do that. The other good thing about my leg shrinking is that now I can peek under the bandages. Not for the faint of heart, but I'm the girl who made the surgeon give me a jar with my suture and chunks of scar tissue. I'M not for the faint of heart! If I could just get that nagging idea of Rheumatoid Arthritis out of my head, I would be a happy girl right now. Speaking of The Boot. I now have a matching set. I pretty much wore the other one to the ground. Considering I've worn it for 3 of the last 11 months, it's had about all it can handle. I got a new one, and it's most definitely The Boot 2.0. It's smaller, lighter, more streamlined. And now that I have two Boots and can theoretically wear them as a pair, I have an Official Most Expensive Pair of Shoes, ever. Coming in at a grand total of $1800.00. So your Manolos can eat it!

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