Sunday, August 15, 2010

Clean and Sober

Today was my first day without drugs and my first shower since the surgery. I no longer feel like I was hit by a bus, but I am starting to get antsy and stir crazy! Even more impressive, I was able to start walking already, although I don't know how much PT, if any, I'll need. This surgery is not like the original ligament repair. That one took me 5 weeks to walk on, but this surgery only took a couple days. Dr. McGorgeous swore I would be able to walk the DAY OF surgery, but I woke up and took one look at it in all its swollen, misshapen glory, and knew I would never squeeze it into the boot. So, the boot stayed off and I used the crutches. And it's a good thing I'm so damn smart, because when I did try walking, I had some definite issues with swelling. I ended up loosening my bandages twice to relieve some of the pain, which I didn't have to do in the 5 previous surgeries.
So, I posted the surgery game plan in a previous blog entry, and I'll just update you on what they found. Apparently, my talus had started turning in on itself and as soon as the bone abnormalities were removed, it corrected its positioning. I'll probably have to wear an insert in that shoe for awhile just to be on the safe side. Also, I may or may not have had a dissolving suture put in that subtalar ligament. A couple things got lost in translation between Dr. McGorgeous and MaryGoMom. I will clear everything up at my first post-op appointment. Also, I can't unwrap my ankle yet, so I have no idea what the new incision looks like! Waiting another 8 days to see it is like, the worst Christmas present ever!!!! I am going to tryyyyyyyy to be patient, but I might need just a little sneak peek!

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