Monday, June 20, 2011

Computer Wizard

Here's the repair. You can see that the very end of my leg is broken and is basically hanging out of my body. In the center of the white bone is a circle. That's the piece that he transferred in!

In the second picture, you can see the bright red circle in the middle of the white bone. This is where he took the graft that got transferred into the first picture. He filled it in with a combination of my own bone marrow and a bone growing matrix, which is why it is red.

Right now, my body is trying to incorporate the new graft, grow new bone in the donor site, and repair my broken tibia. Which reminds me....I need to take my calcium!


  1. That's pretty bad ass. I'm impressed. Hope you recovery quickly.

  2. omg that is soo cool that u were given those photos!!!
    im heading tomorro to find out when i can get the metalwork out of ankle, its preventing me from getting about 60% more movement back, physio has done as much as she can and i can actually feel the metal stopping me from moving properly!

    hope ur keeping well xxx