Friday, July 8, 2011


I had my doctors appointment yesterday. I had a BAD feeling about it for a few days before. I just knew something wasn't going to go right. I had my x-rays, and after they were done I was wheeled back to the CAST ROOM. You go to the cast room when you get a cast. Oh HELL no. I told the nurse as she was wheeling me (my pink and black cast was cut off, so I had to be in a wheelchair since I had no protection around my ankle and couldn't use crutches) that she should warn Dr. McGorgeous that if he tries to put me in another cast I will break down crying. And I meant it. So he comes in and goes "Let me get you some tissues". Oh HELL no. I asked him why I couldn't have a boot. He said my x-rays looked good but he was worried about the amount of pain I would be in with a boot. A walking cast provides more compression, so he figured I would feel better in that. I told him I wanted a boot, and if he put me in a cast I would FOR REAL start to cry. I guess this was a significant threat, because in all this time, I have never once cried in front of him. I got my boot, and the warning that if it hurts too much, I HAVE to come back on Monday and get a walking cast. I agreed to that. So I got my boot and was able to weight bear out of the office. I was putting about 80% of my weight on the crutches, but 20% on my ankle! Got home, and shaved the hell out of my leg. It was so gross. I post surgery pictures and I won't post a picture of how gross my leg hair was. I found out that the whole area under the steristrips is numb. This may get better, it may not. That's sort of a bummer. I hope I get feeling back. Today I was able to take steps using just one crutch, a la Tiny Tim. I plan to walk by the end of the weekend!!!!

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  1. Take it slow. Don't do anything too crazy with your newly freed ankle! Have a great weekend!