Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I love this thing

File this under: Things That Only Happen To Me.

-Dr. McGorgeous cancels all my physical therapy and prescribes a TENS unit
-I pick up the TENS unit and they tell me I have to have a PT appointment to turn it on
-I call Dr. McGorgeous's office and have him write a brand new script for PT
-A week later I show up at my appointment and find out the appointment was for an evaluation not a TENS unit
-We sit and wait to see if Dr. McGorgeous's office will fax an updated script
-I try not to spontaneously combust because it's been 10 days since I saw Dr. McGorgeous and I could really use some pain relief.

But eventually, finally, the TENS is set up. Instantly, I am better. I have been walking 5 blocks to class and 5 blocks back every day. I have energy when I get home from work. I can make plans again. My quality of life has improved to the power of a million since I got this. I feel like a real person again.


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