Sunday, December 18, 2011

Anxiety Friday

The phone rang at 8:40am and it was the doctor's office. Calling me back with my x-ray results. And I missed the effing call. I grabbed the phone on the last ring, but it was too late. I called back immediately, but the nurse was already away from her desk and after waiting for her to call me til 2:30 I thought I was going to explode from anxiety so I called back again.

The x-rays are negative for bone spurs. But Dr. McGorgeous gets me, and I think he knows when I say "it feels like bone spurs" what I mean is, "I feel irritation inside the joint". In the past, my irritation in the joint HAS been caused by bone spurs, but that's not what's happening this time. It's probably some scar tissue in there that's causing me pain, so instead of a surgery to remove bone spurs, I am getting a steroid injection.

That's such a huge relief. I tried on Friday to imagine what I would do if I needed an 8th trip to the operating room. And I can't. I just can't. So here's hoping the steroids work, and that there's nothing more serious going on.


  1. I have spent the last few hours reading through your story, and I just wanted to say how brave and strong you are. I will be hoping for even more good news heading your way ASAP, you've definitely earned it. I know you'll get there.

  2. I can't tell you how much I appreciate comments like this. Thank you for rooting for me. I can't wait to get to the point in my recovery where I can post about reaching new milestones. I'm not giving up any time soon :)