Thursday, December 15, 2011

These people are going to give me a stroke

Dr. McGorgeous wants x-rays. I know this because his nurse called me this morning and told me. And told me to show up today or tomorrow and they will do them. Okay.

So I roll in at 3pm. The receptionist seems confused by my presence at first, but seems okay with my explanation. So I wait for about 20 minutes. One of the x-ray techs, who has seen me every time she came out to get someone, asks if I'm waiting for an x-ray. I SURE AM!!!

As it turns out, Dr. McGorgeous never signed the order for the x-ray. Another 20 minutes goes by. Now I can hear two receptionists and the office manager discussing the problem.

They had set up the x-ray for my February appointment, not for today.

Ok, so......45 minutes and I'm back in radiology. The tech comes in a goes "We're doing right ankle, left ankle and right foot films".

No. We aren't. I would have been okay if she had said right and left ankle. Maybe Dr. McGorgeous wants to compare them. I don't know. But right foot? Nuh-uh. So after a few minutes of disagreeing, she goes off to double check.

Left ankle films ONLY.

Told ya so.

As I'm waiting to make sure the x-rays are okay, the head radiology dude (official title) comes in and asks me if I work there. Because I look familiar and I seem to have a good working knowledge of the office policies. Omg. I look familiar and I know what's up because I have been coming in here at least once a month for almost three years.

Please tell me that getting the results will be easier than getting the films.

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