Friday, May 27, 2011


Well, I made it through surgery #7. This was my first inpatient surgery, and I am very much still trapped in the hospital. It's officially Friday, although it's only 3am and I have a long day ahead of me, I should be going home tomorrow.

So how did things go? Lets start from the beginning.

First of all, no underwear. At all my other surgeries, I've kept my underwear on. Not the case here. Not too pleased with that.
Second of all, the nerve block. So the anesthesiologist explains everything to me, and tells me that there are a total of 4 injections, one of which stays in (the epidural). He also tells me he will give me a sedative to help me with the pain. There is an 87% chance the epidural will work. I'll go ahead and let you all guess that the sedative didn't work and neither did the epidural. Painful as hell.

The surgery itself was uneventful for me since I wasn't awake. Apparently Dr. McGorgeous found more scar tissue in there and wasn't able to get to the middle of the talus like we talked about on Friday, so he used part of the top of the talus. He had warned me about this pre-op, so I wasn't surprised.

Post op. Ug. Ew. I woke up and immediately knew the epidural in my leg had failed. It was a lot of pain and I was so out of it. I eventually got up to my room and settled and immediately needed to pee. So I got on a bedside commode and waited. And waited and waited and waited. And nothing would come out. So the nurses scanned my abdomen and I definitely had a full bladder. So they stuck a catheter in and drained me. Fun. An hour and a half later, my bladder was ready to EXPLODE, and I still couldn't make anything come out. So I got another catheter, this one has been in since then and I've been peeing in a bag. We are going to remove it today, I think, and see if my bladder has decided it wants to work again. If not, a urologist will come see me. Can we all REALLY hope this works today?

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