Monday, May 30, 2011

Hospital Living

Just a short post about what I packed and needed during my stays in the hospital.

-Moisturizer in a flip cap tube. It's so dry in the hospital and a pump top will leak everywhere
-Serious chapstick. None of that girly stuff, it's DRY in the hospital
-Dry shampoo. Next best thing to showering
-Baby wipes. See above.
-iPod/cell phone/laptop and CHARGERS. It's boring in the hospital. Also, don't bring expensive stuff unless you'll be in the room with it the whole time.
-Earplugs. It's so damn noisy in the hospital.
-Underwear. Shouldn't need to explain this
-Shorts. Even if they make you wear a hospital gown, you might be able to get away with a pair of shorts underneath which just all around makes me feel more dignified
-Nail file. Nothing worse than a scraggly nail you can't take care of
-Makeup. When your doctor is Dr. McGorgeous, you might find yourself throwing on a little mascara at 3am to prepare for his morning visit.

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