Saturday, May 28, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I actually went home yesterday. A day early! I'm too cool for the hospital. Actually, I was just feeling really good and there was no reason to keep me.

Peeing- turns out I have a shy bladder. I threw a bit of a temper tantrum yesterday morning and demanded to be allowed to try in the bathroom. I had already tried on the bedside commode with no success and we were veering toward another catheter and a urology consult. So they agreed to let me try in the bathroom and it took me all of 30 seconds to make it happen.

Pain- so far so good. I've only taken 3 pain pills today, and I didn't even need the one this evening. I took it since I'm afraid I'll fall asleep and wake up in the morning in terrible pain, but I may be done with the painkillers tomorrow.

Followup- I see Dr. McGorgeous friday and get my plaster cast. I'm thinking orange would be pretty!


  1. I say go for orange, I have blue!

  2. lol my bladders the same!! i need privacy!!! well done on the pain pills! i overdid the walking today (own fault, there was a country fair on at the manor beside my house!) and have had to take ibuprofen and cocodomol to dull the pain!
    hope your feeling good, and def orange lol :)

  3. orange it is! i'm getting excited and nervous to see what my leg looks like underneath this cast. My sister saw pics the surgeon took and according to them, the incision is "bigger than I'm expecting" :/