Monday, March 8, 2010

Out of the Boot!

So two months after surgery is right around the time things got really exciting. I transitioned from the boot to an ankle brace, which was an a-ma-zing upgrade in August in the midwest. I looked less gimpy, and I was giving it my best shot at walking less gimpy. Overall, I guess you could say that I was hopeful. August is my birthday month, and it just finally seemed like I had turned the corner from surgery. Physical therapy was.....going. Maybe not great, but it was going. I was receiving a fun treatment called "electrotherapy", where they hook electrodes up to your ankle and literally run a current through you. I've never stuck my finger in an electrical outlet, because I have common sense, but I'm thinking that's a lot like this. Also involved was icing. And I know what you guys are thinking. Icing.....mmmmmm, cupcakes. But seriously, we are talking physical therapy here. And I'm about to give you all an icing lesson, free of charge. Because I'm just that kind of person, and also because I can guarantee none of you know the theory of icing. So you're all doing it wrong. So lets get started class. Phase one of proper icing is fleeting and pleasant. Your skin feels cold (duh). Phase two is where all of you quit, guaranteed. Why?? BECAUSE IT FREAKING HURTS. I mean, full on rage, don't talk to me, I'm not going to survive this pain. That's why you all quit. And phase three, where my lovely physical therapists got me each time, is the point where your ankle actually goes numb. It takes a good 15-20 minutes to get there. So we combined the electrodes and the icing. And don't think I didn't question the sanity of the therapist the first time she wanted to combine electricity and water. But I never died, so I guess it's fine. Except, don't try it at home. Or try it, but don't bother suing me. I'm broke, I have a $100,000 "sprained ankle". So as August turns into September, we reassess my ankle for the insurance company. You know, so they can see if I've recovered enough to quit paying for PT. And I'm progressing on strength. And range of motion. Balance is the next thing they ask about, and then that one pesky detail about how much pain you're still in. So it's nice to see from week to week how much better I'm getting at moving it, and the strength that's coming back. Balance is a huuuuuuuuge challenge because it requires both range of motion and strength at the same time! And pain. Oh pain. There's no improvement. But I am being reassured at this point that pain is normal for the first 6 months. So, I keep calm and carry on. For now.

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