Monday, March 29, 2010


Today I had an appointment with my surgeon. See, this is what I love about having told you guys the whole story. Now I can just tell you about my day! So, I saw Dr. McGorgeous today. He came in, and I started to tell him "I just wanted to talk to you. I need some reassurance about this next surgery. The past few weeks I've been....." and I just kinda trailed off. But no worries. Dr. McGorgeous chimed right in with "Going a little crazy?"
Anyway, yes, I've been stressed because I just wasn't sure if the surgery is the right thing to do, and if it is, I need more details on what's going to happen. So he goes "Would you be willing to try something". Now, anyone who knows me can tell you that I love to experiment. It's why I went into science. And the only thing I love more than experimenting, is experimenting on myself. It's terrible, I know. Call my IRB. So without even knowing what I'm agreeing to, I agree to whatever he wants. I iz smart? Anyway, his suggestion is to inject the soft tissue around that craptastic suture with a numbing medicine. If that takes the pain away, then we know that's where the pain is coming from. He tells me that we won't be able to get all the way to the bone, but we can do it right now if I want. And I do. So I get to play doctor and mark my own ankle where it hurts, and then he gets to actually be a doctor and use the needle. He used some numbing spray first and I didn't feel the injections at all. So he left me alone for a couple minutes to wait to see if the drugs worked. He comes back in the door all excited to find out if our experiment worked. I told him "New plan. The surgery is off, and you can just follow me around and inject me like this every couple of hours!" Turns out, that doesn't really fit in his schedule. Go figure. So I told him I could still feel a small pinpoint of pain, like he didn't get to the center of my ankle, but I think this worked. He asked what a normal amount of walking is for me. I told him this weekend I tried to take the dog for a walk and made it 4 houses before I had to turn around and come back. So he kicked me out of his office and told me to go take a walk and see how many houses I could get. And call him the next day to let him know if it worked. So I went for a walk. In the beautiful, sunny, 60 degree spring weather. And I saw flowers, and a park, and birds, and a spray painted fence sign. Beautiful. And when I got home, I checked my route. I knew I had gone more than 4 houses, but I'm a scientist, and I need hard data. I had walked 1.01 miles. And the only pain I had was that same tiny pinpoint that we didn't reach. It felt amazing. Then I went to the grocery store and shopped, which is normally a vicodin-inducing activity all on its own! The other thing Dr. McGorgeous told me is that I would pay for this, pain-wise, tomorrow. And I can tell you that as the injection is starting to wear off, I will be paying for it. Whatever! I went for a walk, who cares?! Also, we decided that I will definitely have my shin opened up. Because I don't have enough scars. Actually, that's not the real reason. I lied. It's really because my anterior compartment is all messed up, and we're (do you like how I say "we" like I'm actually going to help with the surgery?) going to dissect the tendon sheath. So like I said, we just think I need more scars.

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