Friday, March 19, 2010


So after sleeping through Christmas and New Years, another sacrifice I had made in this whole ordeal, I expected to pretty much feel amazing. After all, I had already been through a PRP treatment, so I totally knew what to expect, right? (wrong.) At one point just after New Years I almost emailed Dr. McGorgeous to ask him if I was ok. I didn't feel anything like I felt the first time. I felt awful. I was still on painkillers after 10 days! After getting back from my parents, I made an appointment with my massage therapist, DJ MT. I always feel like I'm at my wits end until he drops some piece of knowledge about my anatomy that I don't even know. So during this massage, we keep pinpointing this certain part of my ankle. Apparently, my anterior tibialis is very angry with me. I wikipedia'd the crap out of anterior tibialis, and found "It functions to stabilize the ankle as the foot hits the ground during the contact phase of walking."
Hmmmm, anterior tibialis seems important. BUT, since we are finding the hilarity in chronic pain, I am willing to both copy AND paste my favorite line:
"The anterior tibialis aides in the activities of walking, running, hiking, kicking a ball, or any activity that requires moving the leg or keeping the leg vertical"
Way to sum it up, Wikipedia. Seriously.
At this point, I'm just a few days away from my follow-up appointment with Dr. McGorgeous. I've also just passed the one year anniversary of my injury. I wish I could have invited all of you to the pity party I threw myself that day. It was a riot. Because by this point, I know that my second PRP isn't working. The pain is back. So what does Dr. McGorgeous have to say when I see him next? He says that we are going to do another PRP and we are going to focus on my anterior tibialis. And I am about to be the first patient he's ever done 3 PRP treatments on. Ummmm, do I get an award for that? But towards the end of the appointment, I kinda......lost it. Like, I have always tried to be really cool around the surgeon, because I have the emotional maturity of a middle school girl. But the end of this appointment was different. I told him I was scared that the time we spent marking my ankle pre-op went too quickly and that maybe because we were marking so quickly, we weren't finding the exact right spot. He asked me to go see DJ MT the day before my surgery, and have him mark me!!! Talk about teamwork! So that's what we do. And on Feb 4th, I show up for my 3rd PRP treatment and my 4th overall surgery. As I was sitting on the hospital bed waiting, I saw one of my old nurses walk past. She disappeared out of view and then reappeared. "Mary! You're growing your hair out!!!" For future reference, here are three ways to know that you spend too much time in the hospital. 1. They recognize your face. 2. They remember your name without a chart. 3. THEY HAVE SEEN YOU SO MANY TIMES THEY CAN TELL YOU ARE GROWING YOUR HAIR LONGER. Geez. Here's another funny for ya. Dr. Grinch recognized me and still tried to deny me the anti-nausea drugs. And I still got them. +1 for me! So we do it allllllll over again. And I take another week and a half off of work. About a week after the surgery a co-worker invited me to her house for a party. I had been trapped inside due to my surgery and the nasty Midwest winter weather for awhile, and I was excited to go. But more than anything I was excited to meet one of the other guests. According to my coworker, this girl was about my age, had the same injury, and the same doctor. This was going to be interesting.

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